Tarja Intro

Everything finally comes to an end, also this beautiful festival. But before the lights die down it was on Tarja to produce proof of her abilities. The former Nightwish front-woman, now touring solo, showed mainly songs of her debut album “My Winter Storm” like “I Walk Alone”. It was a wide variety of fast and hard songs as well as quiet and emotional ones. Best example for the last one was “If You Believe” during which it was only Tarja on stage sitting behind her clavinova.

Doro Intro

We were getting slowly towards the end of the festival and only the two headliners were remaining. First was Doro. I am normally not a real fan of her, although I give her credits for everything she as women did for metal and is representing. This was also thought by the organizer of the festival honoring her with the Award for the most successful career. But the fireworks this little person showed on stage was really impressing me.
She was presenting a cross-section through her works together with Warlock and also of her solo albums. Very impressive her rough voice being so powerful for example during „All We Are“ and on the other side also very emotional like during the goose bumps giving song “Herzblut” which she was partially singing in French.

Leaves' Eyes Intro

This acoustic set should be a „Thank you!“ to the fans after the German/Norwegian band had successfully recorded their DVD at the Metal Female Voices Fest one year ago (and received the MFVF Award for the best DVD just before their show). It was only a short gig and unfortunately accompanied by the preparation of the stage for the upcoming show of Doro, but nevertheless it was gorgeous.

Trail Of Tears Intro

After the crowd already heated up during Van Canto, this was even increased by the now following gig. The Norwegian Trail Of Tears were crazy about getting their show started. There were no doubts about that when lead singer Ronny Thorson stormed out onto the stage and began immediately really aggressive with „Once Kissed By The Serpent (Twice Bitten By Truth)”. He was followed by front singer Catherine Paulsen who is in no way inferior to him with her rock style voice.

Van Canto Intro

After hard note and powerful guitars of Darzamat there was now a really hard cut. You could get the impression that Van Canto had forgotten their instruments because there was nothing on stage except the drums. But that is typical for them, because except the drums all instruments are formed vocally (and with a little support of guitar effect generators).

Darzamat Intro

The second Polish band after Unsun on this festival was Darzamat. But in contrast to the quiet and nice metal that Unsun plays the audience was offered hard black metal. Just as Deadlock the singing was distributed between growler Rafal „Flauros“ Goral, taking the larger part, and Agnieszka „Nera“ Gorecka that was responsible for the more melodic parts.

Stream Of Passion Intro

Before the festival, I knew Stream Of Passion only through Last.fm. Despite that, I was already looking forward to the gig of the Dutch with their Mexican lead singer and violinist Marcela Bovio. Originally started as a music project of Arjen Lucassen they were able to establish themselves independently in the meantime.

Deadlock Intro

The second German band of the day was Deadlock. Their music is a mixture between classical and death metal where growler Johannes Prem and lead singer Sabine Weniger alternate. The synthie-sounds supported songs were fast, loud and straightforward. Especially through front singer Johannes, the excessive energy of the band spilled over to the audience immediately increasing the atmosphere minute by minute.

Lahannya Intro

Just like To-Mera, also Lahannya was from the United Kingdom. The band is named after its lead singer and playing doomy industrial-gothic. The most eye-catching and remarkable fact was to my opinion only Lahannya’s outfit.

Coronatus Intro

After the opener of the day To-Mera it was up to the German band Coronatus to continue. They had with Lisa Lasch a replacement for Ada Fletcher on the rock-music style voice and with bassist Todd Goldfinger was also this instrument played by a new band lid. The operatic voice counterpart of Lisa Lasch is formed by Carmen Lorch.

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Monday, 10 June 2019

After 10 years it was finally a new album to be released by Rammstein. Appropriate to that they went onto the first stadium tour of their 25 years lasting band history. The first stop was the Veltins Arena at Gelsenkirchen where I joined on the second evening.


Friday, 17 May 2019

First, I spontaneously paid a visit between Christmas and New Year to the small Dutch town Zwolle. At the local exhibition hall respectively a specially built tent next to it a small but very impressive ice sculpture festival took place. After one was able to admire the artworks at arctic temperatures one was finally quite happy to get back into the warm.


Friday, 16 November 2018

In front of a sell-out crowd first the Hungarian band Firkin opened the evening and did not have to do much to make the audience moving. The atmosphere was immediately at the boiling point and did not cool down during the break for changing the stage setup. At no concert up to now I experienced the crowd singing along the songs from tape loudly. At roughly 21:30 Saltatio Mortis finally entered the stage and displayed the fireworks for 2 hours.


Tuesday, 28 May 2019

It was meanwhile ten years ago that the last album of Rammstein had been release. Already to that time the hubbub was immense but then after the release when the album was threatened by censorship. After the first concentration camp teaser video the outcry was immense even beforehand and the interest into the new album was a hard act to follow.


Friday, 25 January 2019

For the first time at the EmslandArena at Lingen and everything started quite relaxed. Just directly before the Stahlzeit concert began the arena started to get filled but nevertheless there was enough space for everyone although the venue was quite well filled with 1800 optimistic visitors.


Saturday, 03 November 2018

Originally the concert of Saltatio Mortis should take place at the Turbinenhalle 2. But the popularity was that big, that without further ado the gig was moved to the large Turbinenhalle 1 which was immediately sold out. Due to that there was a long queue at the entrance that went all the way across the whole parking lot and which I have never experienced like that before. At a certain point in time they seemed to have told the security to speed up controls as otherwise the last ones would have entered the venue not before 23:00.


Sunday, 22 December 2013

It was quite early when I had to get up because already at 5:30 more than 500 Krefeld Pinguine supporters had to gather at the Krefeld main station to start their long trip towards Straubing at 6:00. But this was gladly accepted and so the athmosphere was excellent on the way there.


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Already very early on Saturday morning a bus started form Krefeld towards the hanseatic town to first visit the monuments and on Sunday the O2 World to hopefully take the three points back home. Because of Servus TV is broadcasting live on tv the first bully was delayed by one hour. Therefore they kindly showed the prepared choreography of the motto "Ballermann 6-undreissig". Especially for this many supporters came wearing shorts and t-shirts (kudos for this because it was extremely cold outside).


Friday, 09 March 2012

The game was announced quite short-termed and so "only" 513 fans went to the Nordhorn Ice Rink. For the Ritter it should be the first test against an equal or even better opponent because no one else than the present champion of the Dutch 2nd division, the Romijnders Devils from Nijmegen were guest.


Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Shortly after Easter I made use of a stay at Nordhorn to take a look after many years to the meanwhile extremely redesigned zoo. The zoo is not only on German side very popular but due to the neighborhood to the German-Dutch borderline also at the bordering country.


Saturday, 29 December 2018

Between Christmas and New Year, I made a short trip to the Dutch Zwolle were a really great ice sculpture festival took place. After some waiting time (overall nearly 90 minutes) you entered the ice cold hall.


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Our round-trip led us to the uprising Cuba. Each day a certain part of our route was passed via bike (2-5 hours a day where we made from 30km up to 60km). The rest was spent inside the escort vehicle. Without that it would not have been possible to make on some days trips of up to 180km.