Rammstein Article

06.12.2009 Rammstein

GelreDome Arnhem (Netherlands)

(Panasonic DMC-TZ7)

With 30,000 visitors the GelreDome at Arnhem was nearly sold out (oddly enough only 1.5 blocks stayed disused) and all were looking excitedly towards the main act Rammstein. They finally entered the stage after a very spectacular beginning of the show. Styroform doors were bit by bit kicked in by the band members and a dazzling light shone through the holes. After only a short time all were on stage and got started. You couldn’t really hear that Till was still suffering of a sore throat and so they began the show with some new songs like “Rammlied“ and “B******” before they continued with some older stuff like “Weisses Fleisch” and “Feuer Frei”.
As it was to be expected a more than spectacular show was presented with extensive use of pyrotechnics and lights. Several huge ventilator looking and alternatively enlightened things were lowered towards the stage to create very impressive atmospheres matching perfectly to the songs. Also the pyromaniacs were not missed out because of impressive inflamed constructions were used for example during “Benzin“, “Ich Tu Dir Weh“ or “Engel“. Very funny was Flakes treadmill where he walked several kilometres on and of course also his obligatory boats tour on the crowd may not be missing.
Mainly songs from the new album “Liebe Ist Fuer Alle da“ were presented (which had been put on the index at Germany thanks to “Zensursula”) but also great pieces of music of former albums like “Links 2 3 4” or “Du Hast” may not be missing. Actually you did not get that time went by that fast but after Till’s foam gun attack during “Pussy” (first rows of the audience were first “tared“ with foam and afterwards “feathered“ by paper shavings) the band left the stage but only to return even more powerful with “Sonne”. This was followed by “Haifisch” and “Ich Will” until it came to the last song of the evening “Engel“.
For me personally and also for the audience in the sold out GelreDome this concert came to an end but during the concert there has always been great vibes and a very powerful atmosphere. It was just as impressive as I had hoped for. In no way I got disappointed, except perhaps the fact that they did not play “Seemann“ but this was presumably because of Till’s stricken voice. The only thing that is left to say: Who has the possibility to visit a concert of Rammstein should absolutely do this, also if he or she is not a hundred percent fan of the music. The show itself is already worthwhile enough!


  • Rammlied
  • B********
  • Waidmanns Heil
  • Keine Lust
  • Weisses Fleisch
  • Feuer Frei
  • Wiener blut
  • Frühling in Paris
  • Ich tu dir weh
  • Liebe ist für alle da
  • Benzin
  • Links 2 3 4
  • Du hast
  • Pussy


  • Sonne
  • Haifisch
  • Ich Will
  • Engel