Doro Intro

As closure of the day the grande dame of metal Doro Pesch could show what she still has it got. And that was quite a lot. Two years ago on Metal Female Voices Fest Vii she was honored for her lifetime work, last year she celebrated her 25th stage jubilee. On this evening she directly continued where she stopped two years ago at the very same place.

Leaves' Eyes Intro

The first headliner were the regular guests of Leaves' Eyes. Overall this was their fifth gig on Metal Female Voices Fest and this time they had again a new album with them. After it was "Njord" last year, this year it was something from the current album "Meredead".

Diabulus In Musica Intro

Also Diabulus In Musica is a well known band, were the Spanish from Pamplona already last year providing a really good show. The work on their new album for their new label Napalm Records are also widely progressing and during each stage setting break on this weekend the new video to the first single of it "Sceneries Of Hope" was shouting towards one from the screens.

Trail Of Tears Intro

After they were already guests two years ago on this festival the Norvegian around front woman Catherine Paulsen and grunter Ronny Thorsen were allowed to have one more gig on Metal Female Voices Fest to be added this year. They did not bring new material with them and the last album is also available for some time now (at least since 2009) but instead you cannot expect a bad show.

Dylath-Leen Intro

After the French death metaller of Dylath-Leen around front woman Kathy Coupez were already guests during last years edition of the festival they brought their new just released CD "Cabale" with them.

Benedictum Intro

The first American band of the festival was Benedictum. It was quite impressive by what power the valkyre Veronica Freeman swirled across the stage. But not only the woman itself had an incredible power, but her voice, too.

Deadlock Intro

Just like Kivimetsän Druidi also the German band Deadlock was guest on this festival two years ago for the last time. Unfortunately singer Johannes Prem was not able to join and so bassist John Gahlert took over the growl parts.

Amaranthe Intro

We stay Scandinavik after the Finns of Kivimetsän Druidi as it was up to the Danes / Swedes of Amaranthe. As I was able to see them as support act of Kamelot in spring at Cologne I was quite curious to their gig but in the end there was the same feeling as after the former one.

Kivimetsän Druidi Intro

After they were guests two years ago already on Metal Female Voices Fest VII the Finnish folk metaller of Kivimetsän Druidi were able to rock the Oktoberhallen again this year.

Coma Divine Intro

Coma Divine is a side-project of the L'Ame Immortelle front woman Sonja Kraushofer. That entered just like her band members the stage in some kind of skimpy dress outfit and directly started with songs of their debut album "Dead End Circle".