Nemhain Intro

After Hanging Doll had left the stage it was continued British. With the band Nemhain more rocky sounds entered the venue and could cause first movements of the crowd.

Hanging Doll Intro

After a quite cold night (it had really been cold) I went over to the Oktoberhallen to warm up a little bit. There the British gothic metal band Hanging Doll should fire us up. Up to now they only released one EP and an album but the second is currently at work. So they only played stuff of the 2008 released CD "Reason & Madness".

Battlelore Intro

At 22:00 the Finnish band Battlelore entered as mainact of the evening the stage. I did not know the seven musicians around front woman Kaisa Jouhki and Tomi Mykkänen beforehand. Never mind, really! The band recalled their 12 years lasting band history with meanwhile five studio albums.

Xandria Intro

After trudging through the traffic jams around Brussels and finally put up my tent in the dark it was unfortunately already too late for Bare Infinity. But finally I was on time for Xandria at the Oktoberhallen.