Dylath-Leen Intro

It was getting significantly tougher now as with Dylath-Leen the only French band of the festival entered the stage. Their death metal is mainly driven by Kathy Coupez grunts and screams. But she also able to do different as inbetween she is shortly changing back to her normal singing voice. Supported in vocals she was additionally by her band member Igor Landorique.

Visions Of Atlantis Intro

With Visions Of Atlantis there was a band entering the stage that I was especially looking forward to. After many redeployments on singer position and a three years lasting abstinence the Austrians were finally back on stage.

Skeptical Minds Intro

This years newcomer competition the Belgian band Skeptical Minds won. Against the habit of the previous years the winner did not have to start this years edition but was allowed as fifth band of the day to play even some more as the previous ones.

69 Chambers Intro

With 69 Chambers for me one of the first climax of the day was reached. The Swiss combo around front woman / guitarist Nina Treml presented songs of their debut album "War On The Inside". Supported she was by the bassist Maddy Madarasz who took additionally over the backing vocals during many songs and by drummer Diego Rapacchietti.

Unsun Intro

Out of unknown reasons the band Bare Infinity had canceled their gig on Metal Female Voices Fest VIII. Shorthanded Unsun stepped in as they were anyhow currently touring with the later that evening playing band Tristania. The Polish band around front woman Aya and guitarist Mauser were already part of last year's edition.

Godyva Intro

Godyva is an Italian band that played songs of their current album "Planetarium". Nevertheless the show was rather underwhelming. Lady Godyva was very keen on communicating with the audience so that there were much more talks of her rather than it was sung. That lead to the point that Godyva due to the tight and strict schedule were not able to play their complete set and had to leave stage ahead of schedule.

Pythia Intro

The Saturday was opened by the British band Pythia. Compared to the year before it was starting a little bit later (only at 11:20) which did not increase significantly the number of visitors. For a band it is always hard to play as first one and then additionally in front of so few people but front woman Emily Alice Ovenden really knew to thrill the audience vocally and from show point of view.