Cuba Intro

Our round-trip led us to the uprising Cuba. Each day a certain part of our route was passed via bike (2-5 hours a day where we made from 30km up to 60km). The rest was spent inside the escort vehicle. Without that it would not have been possible to make on some days trips of up to 180km.

Barcelona Intro

The summer holidays were spent at the architectural very interesting city of Barcelona. The very lively metropol of Spain is characterized by the works of Antoni Gaudi. Everywhere across the city you can find his buildings. No matter if Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera or Park G├╝ell.

Zoo Emmen Intro

Because of never having been to the zoo at Emmen and due to the fact that I was able to get cheaper tickets I thought of visiting it spontaeously. You can find some impressions of one of the oldest zoos of the Netherlands online.

Norway / Sweden Intro

Here some impressions of my holidays at Norway and Sweden. You can find pictures from Oslo where the trip began. Afterwards I continued towards the region of Dalsland to maka a one week canoe trip starting at Bengstfors. Finally the holidays ended at Gothenburg where I stayed some days before I unfortunately had to return to Germany.

Amsterdam Intro

In spring 2014 I traveled through the Netherlands for some days, also visiting Amsterdam.

Scotland Intro

Some impressions of my Scotland holidays. You can find pictures from the West Highland Way starting at Glasgow, at Milngawie to be more precise, leading across 152km up to Fort William. From there I went via Inverness to the Isle of Skye before my trip finished at Edinburgh.

Paris Intro

Beginning of 2013 I was for one week at Paris and wanted to share impressions of this very interesting city.

Norway Intro

Here you can find some impressions of my holidays at Norway. You can find pictures from Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen and of the Geiranger Fjord as well as some pictures of the former olympic village at Lillehammer.

Nachtimpressionen Intro

For a calendar I photographed many different sights of the Ruhr area and the Rhineland at night. Out of that this series you can find below was born with pictures from Zeche Zollverein, the "Bramme", the "Tetraeder" and other sights.

Malta Intro

Here are some impressions from my Malta holidays beginning of September of this year. Including pictures from Sliema, Valetta, Rabat, many different churches (there is a speech at Malta that for each day of the year there is a church on the island) and pictures of the old temple area (worldwide the oldest known buildings of that kind).