Within Temptation Intro

I have proceeded my meanwhile quite large pile of old not reworked concerts and here are now the first results.

Sancta Terra Intro

Today is finally the day. After a lot of efforts the website is finally in a new version with new outfit and updated foundation online. There will for sure be some issues until everything is finally running as expected so there is my request to inform me via a short mail in case you find something (as the website has extremely grown since its start you can easily oversee something).

Zoo Emmen Intro

During the high days and holidays I found some time to rework and upload some pictures and these I do not want to hold back. Pictures of concerts are not yet included (but I am working to upload them as fast as possible) but at least the following landscape pictures are now available:

Short Update Intro

Already for a longer period of time I have not posted anything on my website due to personal reasons. Meanwhile I am busy with reworking the remaining events and writing the reviews for them. One after the other the following concerts and other pictures will go online:

Norway / Sweden Intro

It has been some time that you heard from me but due to my job and house movement the time for preparing photos was very limited. These days I had some time and so at least the pictures from my tour through Norway and Sweden got ready. These I do not want to keep back from you. They are online and you can find them at the "Landscape" section.

Annihilator Intro

Also if I made myself scarce on the website, there are some news: I just returned from my concert trip through the Netherlands and the picture from that will soon follow (I was at the record release show of Epica with Insomnium as support act, as well as on the tour concert of the current "Hydra" album of Within Temptation with Delain as opener of the show).

Straubing Tigers - Krefeld Pinguine Intro

Yesterday was the day: this-years party train started towards Straubing with more than 500 participants. There you saw a great game with a 2:4 victory of the Pinguine against their bogey team the Straubing Tigers. Afterwards this victory was celebrated during our way back home together with the team.

Alice Cooper Intro

After you have been grilled like a chicken in the burning sun, the last day it one heavy shower of rain went down. Due to that the infield was one big puddle of mud. Anyhow, nobody was in a bad mood because also the last day had great acts like Alice Cooper, Nightwish or Sonata Arctica.

Staubkind Intro

Last weekend a very special concert should take place at the Turbinenhalle at Oberhausen. This you already got aware after you entered the hall fully provided with seats. First the band from Berlin called Staubkind came onto the stage, supported by a cellist and a violinist, to play a wonderful and energetic acoustic set during that not everybody stayed on his seat.

Eisbrecher Intro

On the second official festival day it was not only hot on the stages but in front of them as well. Temperatures of up to 36 degree Celsius among the shades and a cruel sun burning onto the main area that offered no shadow. So you had to pace oneself very carefully and should not drink too much alcohol. A great thankyou to the helpers and paramedics that had to help a lot due to sunburns, sunstrokes, dehydration, etc. during the festival.