Rammstein Intro

After 10 years it was finally a new album to be released by Rammstein. Appropriate to that they went onto the first stadium tour of their 25 years lasting band history. The first stop was the Veltins Arena at Gelsenkirchen where I joined on the second evening.

Ice sculpture festival Zwolle Intro

First, I spontaneously paid a visit between Christmas and New Year to the small Dutch town Zwolle. At the local exhibition hall respectively a specially built tent next to it a small but very impressive ice sculpture festival took place. After one was able to admire the artworks at arctic temperatures one was finally quite happy to get back into the warm.

Firkin Intro

In front of a sell-out crowd first the Hungarian band Firkin opened the evening and did not have to do much to make the audience moving. The atmosphere was immediately at the boiling point and did not cool down during the break for changing the stage setup. At no concert up to now I experienced the crowd singing along the songs from tape loudly. At roughly 21:30 Saltatio Mortis finally entered the stage and displayed the fireworks for 2 hours.

Gojira Intro

The last festival day was packing a punch again. Everything was offered: classical heavy metal, medieval rock, symphonic death metal and others. The day started at more comfortable temperatures in front of the Louder Stage.

Korpiklaani Intro

Let’s get to the third festival day, Friday. It was still hot and the water consumption huge. Inapt to this there were nearly only bands from Scandinavia on my schedule (at least 7 out of 10).

Behemoth Intro

Due to sickness the Thursday of Wacken Open Air 2018 took unfortunately a little bit longer. But now all of the pictures and reviews of that day are online. It was a nice cross section through the landscape of music starting with newcomer like the Metal Battle winner Die From Sorrow or the third-place finisher Motanka, across better known bands like Oomph! or Vince Neil up to the top bands like Behemoth and Judas Priest.

Heilung Intro

From 01.08.2018 until 04.08.2018 the Wacken Open Air was opening its doors for the 29th time. After the last years being often a mudslinging, this year offered pure sun and heat. Related to that was unfortunately also the dust (which you like to put up more then the mud), as well as dinking enough (and not only alcohol). There were many great bands so that the agony of choice was extreme.

Manowar Intro

On 14.01.2015 one of my wishes from concert point of view became reality. On that evening I attended a concert of the self-appointed Kings Of Metal Manowar. It was loud, it was energetic and overall a lot of fun not only to me.

Avatar Intro

Surprisingly I won tickets for the FortaRock Festival at Nijmegen. As I did not have time on Friday I was only there on Saturday but that day had plenty to offer. The program was very rich in variety and had someting for everyone.

Delain Intro

For today there is still something from my archive. Beginning of Januar 2015 Sabaton was guest together with Battle Beast and Delain at the Turbinenhalle at Oberhausen. It was a really entertaining evening. Especially Sabaton showed, how to interact with an audience.