Rammstein Intro

It was meanwhile ten years ago that the last album of Rammstein had been release. Already to that time the hubbub was immense but then after the release when the album was threatened by censorship. After the first concentration camp teaser video the outcry was immense even beforehand and the interest into the new album was a hard act to follow.

Stahlzeit Intro

For the first time at the EmslandArena at Lingen and everything started quite relaxed. Just directly before the Stahlzeit concert began the arena started to get filled but nevertheless there was enough space for everyone although the venue was quite well filled with 1800 optimistic visitors.

Saltatio Mortis Intro

Originally the concert of Saltatio Mortis should take place at the Turbinenhalle 2. But the popularity was that big, that without further ado the gig was moved to the large Turbinenhalle 1 which was immediately sold out. Due to that there was a long queue at the entrance that went all the way across the whole parking lot and which I have never experienced like that before. At a certain point in time they seemed to have told the security to speed up controls as otherwise the last ones would have entered the venue not before 23:00.

Firkin Intro

It was incredibly crowded and that already on the parking lot. That was why it took so long at the entrance and the concert of the support act Firkin began kindly 15 minutes later than scheduled. I first absolutely did not know that there should be a support act because in the internet as well as on my ticket there was nothing mentioned about that. But what was presented then was really fascinating.

In Extremo Intro

Also this year it was again a band established in medieval metal that was putting the light out on Wacken Open Air. In Extremo was due to lack of new material still with their 2016 released album “Quid Pro Quo” on tour and ensured one more time really good mood.

Dimmu Borgir Intro

Slowly but unstoppable Wacken Open Air 2018 tends to its end. But not before the dark symphonic metal roller Dimmu Borgir swept across the fields. Opposite to other Wacken Open Air before it was still quite cuddly in front of the Faster Stage.

Solstafir Intro

As I am not such a big Halloween fan, who were allowed to rock the Harder Stage with their Pumpkins United show really impressively for roughly 2.5 hours (I watched the rest of the show from the press area) I decided to go for more calm sounds of a small Islandic band.

Ensiferum Intro

It was back in 2011 when I watched Ensiferum at the Wacken Open Air for the last time. Unfortunately they had to open the day to that time which was not very good from atmosphere point of view but this year they were able to play just before the headliners.

Steel Panther Intro

Risque lyrics that invite to rumble along paired with great classic glam metal music and of course tits. So simple the recipe for success of Steel Panther can be summarized. According to that motto the boards were labeled that were risen by the guys in the first rows.

Gojira Intro

Two bands inside the tent should be enough. Time for some more fresh air and so back to the Faster Stage. There it was already quite crowded, and the people were looking forward to Gojira. They showed directly what they are capable of and got the audience really moving.