Lacuna Coil Article

14.04.2018 Lacuna Coil

1000. Epica Concert

013 Tilburg (Netherlands)

(Olympus XZ-1)

Just before it was getting to the climax of the evening the Italian combo Lacuna Coil being not less successful had the change to enthuse the audience. Actually they are currently not on tour as they work on a book and a DVD. For the invitation of Epica they made an exception.
Singer Christina Scabbia announced that there would not only be the 1000. concert of Epica this evening but also Lacuna Coil was making music for 20 years now. During that time a lot of material has been produced and for 75 minutes there was presented a very nice cross section through their creative work. This gives e.g. the possibility to play not so often played songs like “1.19” but also classics like the Depeche Mode cover version of “Enjoy The Silence” of the album “Karma Code”. The music is a nice mixture of lively guitar riffs with synthesizer accents. Because of that also the audience gets quite fast on working temperature and directly from the start the band is celebrated (although it was not loud enough for Christina during “Enjoy The Silence”). The opposite part to Christina Scabbia is singer Andrea Ferro who was alternating with her partly slightly singing, slightly speech singing. These two are together with bassist Marco Coti Zelati the only ones that are with the band since its origin. They are momentarily supported by drummer Ryan Blake Folden and guitarist Diego Cavallotti. Latest during “Nothing Stands In Our Way” the climax from mood point of view is reached just before the set is wonderfully closed by “House Of Shame”.
You could really observe that the gloomy made-up band members were currently not on tour. On the one hand Andrea had especially in the beginning the one or the other issue to hit the tones correctly and also the short speeches of the two singers seemed partially quite clumsy and rehearsed. These settled bit by bit and the audience did not care about. It was not a perfect but a very good performance of the Italians that again proved that they are able to carry a crowd along.


  • I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name)
  • 1.19
  • Kill The Light
  • Our Truth
  • Blood, Tears, Dust
  • The Army Inside
  • End Of Time
  • Survive
  • My Demons
  • Nothing Stands In Your Way
  • Enjoy The Silence (Depecemode Cover Version)
  • Heaven's A Lie
  • The House Of Shame