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Týr Article

02.06.2018 Týr


Goffertpark Nijmegen (Netherlands)

(Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II)

The only thing that I could hold against the FortaRock is the fact that there is no break between two bands on the Main and the Tent Stage. So you are hurrying from the Main towards the tent (OK it only takes 2-3 minutes) but it is disappointing that in-between they already start playing. Inside the tent the Faroese folk metal force of Týr was waiting for the excited audience.
With their stately pieces from the northern mythology mainly sung in Faroese and English with a clear voice they directly from the start were able to cast a spell across the crowd. Already with the opener “Anthem” of their 2009 album “By The Light Of The Northern Star” it was loudly sang along and latest during the following “Blood Of Heroes” no one could stand still at his place anymore. Singer Heri Joensen not only knew to convince vocally, no, he also was presenting his very well trained astral body all the time (that is what can make men really envious of). In each case it was something for the eyes of the female visitors. But not only Heri was posing throughout the set, also bassist Gunnar Thomsen was permanently heating up the crowd which was following willingly.
Unfortunately, since their last album “Valkyrja” released back in 2013 there is no new material available which was no problem at all. The 50 minutes were filled with great hymns and during the terrific “By The Sword In My Hand” they were risen into the air at the well filled tent. The time passed like nothing and I would have liked to hear some more. It was a really great gig and the three were performing an outstanding show on stage enthusing the audience in front of it completely. This was supported by the excellent tuned sound. Kudos to the responsible persons of the Fortarock and the sound engineer for that. At some point in time I have to watch a complete concert of the north men. It is absolutely worth a visit!


  • Anthem
  • Blood Of Heroes
  • Hall Of Freedom
  • Flames Of The Free
  • Grindavisan
  • Lady Of The Slain
  • By The Sword In My Hand
  • Hold The Heathen Hammer High
  • Shadow Of The Swastika