Heilung Intro

At the close of the day it went outside to the single visit of the Wackinger Stage during this year’s Wacken. The German-Danish band Heilung was on the agenda but unfortunately a technical defect prevented beginning on time. After frantic bustle on stage the show finally began at 23:30 with 30 minutes delay.

Backyard Babies Intro

During Nazareth it was already very moody, but the four guys of Backyard Babies let the air burn inside the tent (of course only in a transferred sense). The Swedish had classic punk / hard rock brought with them and let directly know everyone inside the unfortunately slightly emptied tent what their mission was on that evening: To get really everybody inside this tent moving!

Nazareth Intro

Fish could already look back onto a long musical history but the now following Nazareth were already founded in the year 1968. The only founding member that was still part of it was Bassist Pete Agnew. All the other band members were exchanged across the years and the other allies were therefore Carl Sentance being responsible for the singing, Jimmy Murrison on guitar and Lee Agnew, the son of the bassist, on drums.

Fish Intro

After the quite loud sounds of An Theos there were a little bit later more quiet and contemplative sounds of the Scottish multi talent Fish to be heard. The slight higher age of the artist (at least already 60) and additionally the fact that he is on stage already since the 80ies seemed to be the reason for having also the audience a little bit more on the older side in average.

An Theos Intro

In the afternoon this year’s Wacken Open Air 2018 traditionally started with the Metal Battle Bands at the tent. This year the Romanian competitor An Theos with a mixture between folk and pagan metal should for the opener into the first day and the stage was directly really filled.