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Delain Article

03.05.2014 Delain

Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

(Olympus XZ-1)

Todays concerts of Delain and Within Temptation should be the last ones of Within Temptation's European tour to their current album "Hydra". For me it was only unpleasant that the beginning of the concert was preponed by one hour (on my tickets there was written that the opening of the doors would be 19:30). But that had one big advantage: I did not need to wait at the doors. Despite that I did not have the time to get some drinks before the show of Delain began and the venue was already completely filled (not very ususal that this is the case already when the support act starts playing). So I first went to watch from the upper tier where you had a nice overview across the venue what is the reason for the pictures not being at the ususal quality. So, I have to ask for your apologies on that.
The Dutch band Delain had brought a nice crossection of all their released albums with them. Unfortunately they were given only very few time (roughly 30 minutes) and to play more music they reduced their speeches to the minimum. Delain around their front woman Charlotte Wessels offered right from the start a really great show and you could directly see how much fun this gig was to them. This was supported also by the terrific audience which also followed them willingly directly from the beginning. But this was not that hard with catchy songs like "Sleepwalker's Dream" of their debut album "Lucidity" or the opener "Go Away" of their second one "April Rain". Like often the former Orphanage frontman George Oosthoek may not be missing and supported the band providing his grunts during "Tell Me, Mechanist" of the latest album "The Human Contradiction". Closed was the entertaining set by the title track of the equally named album "We Are The Others". A reall nice and fully well-made gig found its ending unfortunately way too early.


  • Go Away
  • Get The Devil Out Of Me
  • Army Of Dolls
  • Stardust
  • Electricity
  • Sleepwalker's Dream
  • Tell Me, Mechanist (with George Oosthoek)
  • Not Enough
  • We Are The Others





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