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Rosy Vista Artikel

30.11.2019 Rosy Vista

Turock at Essen (Germany)

(Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II)

The evening was opened by Rosy Vista. To me, the four ladies that entered the stage were really strangers whereas they can already look back onto a long and changeful history. Beginning of the 80s it was founded as Germanys first pure female hard rock band and were playing very successfully as support act for big ones like Mötley Crüe, Jon Bon Jovi, Joe Cocker and others. But as fast as they appeared, they disappeared again from the stage and already 1990 they dissipated.
Apart from some tentative attempts of a reunion it should take until 2016 when the founder of the band guitarist Anca Graterol, singer Andrea Schwarz and drummer Marina Hlubek reunited again. Completed by bass player Angela Mann they started working on new songs and in 2019 the time finally had come. The first long player of the band “Unbelievable” saw the light of day and formed the basis of the gig on this evining at the Turock where they supported just like on some other evenings John Diva and his Rockets Of Love. With an incredible joy of playing the audience was directly electrified and for a support act it was getting astonishing loud. It was pure fun to listen to the beautiful voice of Andrea Schwarz. One powerful song after the other was played and with each the atmosphere got better and better.
It was only a very short gig but that was way better than what I had expected beforehand. If one has the possibility to visit a concert of the four ladies nearby, I can only recommend each rock fan to step by.


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