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03.08.2018 Amorphis

Wacken Open Air XXIX

Wacken (Germany)

(Pentax K-5 with Sigma AF 70-200mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

Let’s stay on the Scandinavian side. With the Finns of Amorphis there was the second highlight of the day directly afterwards. The men around singer Tomi Joutsen stormed onto the Faster Stage on time to directly start furious with the opener of their current album “Queen Of Time” “The Bee”.
Quite fitting to this the banner in the background was kept in the same look like the album. The gig was taking place within their tour to the “Queen Of Time” album so that three more songs of it were played. The rest of the set was filled up with a nice mixture varying very well in degree of hardness and speed. Unfortunately, it was still quite early that day but anyhow relative much people found their way to the stage celebrating the band and singing along. Pleasantly, there was a slight wind going so that it was not that hot. But due to that Joutsen again and again had to suffer slightly of it as it was occasionally blowing his thatch into his face. All members of Amorphis had a lot of fun on this show and especially Joutsen was encouraging the people on and on to get louder. The guitarrists Tomi Koivusaari and Esa Holopainen were changing their position on stage again and again with bassist Olli-Pekka Laine whilst keyboarder Santeri Kallio and drummer Jan Rechberger were more at the background. Unfortunately like often the end of the gig appeared way too early with “House Of Sleep” of the 2006 released album “Eclipse” and accompanied by loud cheers Amorphis left the stage.
An usual good gig without a large show. Only Joutsens terrific voice and the wonderful work of the guys on the instruments were completely enough. The atmosphere was great and as genius as the day had started it could continue like this from my point of view.


  • The Bee
  • The Golden Elk
  • Sacrifice
  • Silver Bride
  • Bad Blood
  • Wrong Direction
  • Against Widows
  • The Castaway
  • Daughter Of Hate
  • Death Of A King
  • House Of Sleep
  • Vaivaistalossa (Eläkeläiset Song)