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Trivium Artikel

15.08.2023 Trivium

Junkyard at Dortmund (Germany)

(Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II)

The sun was still shining brightly from the sky and so did the jacket of Matt Heafy. After the intro “X” of the album “In The Court Of The Dragon” faded out the identically named title song directly boomed from the stage. The backdrops and covers were just as colourful as the front man and he made straight clear that he was really bent on playing this evening. The tongue was again and again sticked out and permanently he swirled from one end of the stage to the other.
Already during the winter they were together with Heaven Shall Burn on their co-headliner tour and this was continued this summer on several further concerts. Luckily, bass player Paolo Gregoletto was also again one of the party as he had to undergo an emergency hernia surgery some days ago. But this man is really tough. Already 10 days later he is back on stage again here at Dortmund. Although he is not yet able to carry his bass on his own and has a rack in order to do so, you could otherwise not notice anything. Experienced as usual they played along a vast selection of songs from their last albums, among these “Strife” or “A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation” of the album “Ascendancy”.
You could also notice the high temperatures to Trivium and so Matt Heafy was already after a short time only wearing a muscle-shirt. On and on he requested the audience to participate. But this was not needed as they were still fully on working temperature from the Bleed From Within show. After the intro of “Capsizing The Sea” was played from tape shortly before the end, Heafy signalized to squat down and really everyone was following. When then the identically named title song of the album “In Weaves” sounded, the whole audience changed promptly into a single jumping and weaving mass. Unfortunately, that was already the end of their set and they had to leave the stage so that enough time remained for Heaven Shall Burn.
Until now that has been the second concert of Trivium that I was able to join live but I was not disappointed at all. The guys really know how to deliver a good show and the great songs go even one stop further. As I was not able to visit their co-headliner tour with Heaven Shall Burn during the winter I was extremely satisfied that I, even on short notice, had the opportunity to see them.


  • X
  • In The Court Of The Dragon
  • The Sin And The Sentence
  • Becoming The Dragon
  • Strife
  • Feast Of Fire
  • Amongst The Shadows & The Stones
  • The Heart From Your Hate
  • A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
  • Capsizing The Sea
  • In Weaves






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