Oceans Of Slumber Article

14.04.2018 Oceans Of Slumber

1000. Epica Concert

013 Tilburg (Netherlands)

(Olympus XZ-1)

Directly after the classic heavy metaller of Nightmare the stage was hectically rearranged and during the beginning of the gig of the US American progressive metal band Oceans Of Slumber it seemed as if not all sound settings were finished correctly.
But that got better during the first two songs and so very soon front woman Cammie Gilbert, her musicians and the music were in the foreground. That seemed due to the complex structures and the mixture of soul and progressive metal with spherical sounds somehow cumbersome and also in front of the stage it was more or less quiet. This should not say that it was a bad gig, only that it was quite off-beat compared to the other bands of the day. Although only founded in 2011 they already released three albums. As the songs were a little bit longer due to the shortness of their slot they were only able to play 5 songs which were comparable to Nightmare all of their current album “The Banished Heart”. Nevertheless, besides the initial issues it was overall a quite successful performance which was honored also appropriately after the final “No Color, No Light”.


  • Fleeting Vigilance
  • A Path To Broken Stars
  • Howl Of The Rougarou
  • The Decay Of Disregard
  • No Colour, No Light