Evergrey Article

10.05.2011 Evergrey

Live Music Hall, Cologne (Germany)

(Panasonic DMC-TZ7)

Right before the main act of the evening Evergrey from Sweden entered the stage. The venue was meanwhile filled a little bit more and also the mood got better. But to that the music of the men around singer Tom S. Englund formed somehow a certain contrast as it is more gloomy, heavy and solemn.
They played a lively cross section across their albums. So there were first with "Leave It Behind" or "Wrong" tracks of their latest album "Glorious Collision". When Tom afterwards announced to continue with some "old shit" the atmosphere rose significantly in the audience. "Recreation Day" or also "A Touch Of Blessing" heated really up (as if it was not yet warm enough ;-) ) before the band left the stage. Overall I have to say that it was quite OK but it did not really knock me of my feet but it was also not that bad that you wanted to run away. With that opinion I was part of a minority at the audience but luckily you cannot argue about someone's gusto. And if everybody would like the same it would get really boring, wouldn't it?


  • Leave It Behind Us
  • Monday Morning Apocalypse
  • Wrong
  • Blinded
  • The Masterplan
  • Recreation Day
  • Frozen
  • Broken Wings
  • A Touch Of Blessing