Amaranthe Article

10.05.2011 Amaranthe

Live Music Hall, Cologne (Germany)

(Panasonic DMC-TZ7)

As second that evening the Danish/Swedish combo Amaranthe could prove their skills. The newcomer who just released their first album "Amaranthe" (how apt) came directly along with 3 singers: Andy Solvestrom who was responsible for the growls. His clean male counterpart was formed by Jake E. Lundberg and front woman Elize Ryd was finally something appealing to the eye.
Somehow the group was neither fish nor fowl and came in quite pop. Especially when the singer had a break the samples were pushing quite slaying out of the loudspeaker. Amaranthe presented quite a good show and the tracks were perfectly arranged and composed but somehow I was missing the vital spark of enthusiasm that also did not want to jump over onto the audience. So finally there is the imperssion left that it was quite nice but with the band lineup on this evening somehow misplaced. Well, in October I will see them once more on the Metal Female Voices Fest at Wieze. Let's see if my impression of them will change then (but I rather think not).


  • Leave Everything Behind
  • Enter The Maze
  • One Million Lightyears
  • Automatic
  • Call Out My Name
  • Rain
  • My Transition
  • Hunger