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Saxon Article

26.11.2011 Saxon

Metropool, Hengelo (Netherlands)

(Pentax K-5 with Tamron SP AF 17-50mm 2.8 XR Di II LD Asp IF and Sigma AF 50-150mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

At 22:30 it was the time that Saxon entered the stage. The old hands of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal had their new album "Call To Arms" with them of which they played a lot this evening. But the audience really flew into a rage at old classics like "Wheels Of Steel", "Denim & Leather" or "Princess Of The Night".
It was quite impressive to see the old men swirl across the stage. They headbanged with their fans like there was no tomorrow, already after a few songs all were just like the audience drenched in sweat and Peter "Biff" Byfords voice was powerfull as always. Additionally the two genious guitarists Doug Scarratt and Paul Quinn complementarying perfectly on stage. Out of 35 years of band history they played songs (only the 90s were mainly excluded, why it was like that only the band knows) but best liked were still the old ones. Overall a really nice classic metal concert where already shortly after the beginning the typical smell of sweat and beer was waving around the venue and from time to time the one or the other can flew around (after that concert you could simply not fall down as the floor was extremely sticky). Remarkable is also that drummer Nigel Glockler broke a head of his base drum during the concert and he continued playing on only one whilst a crew member exchanged the broken one whilst the song was continued playing. That was really impressive!
In my point of view the show was very entertaining that Saxon was presenting and the atmosphere was terrific (although it was not as good as during Anvil). I did not put online that much pictures as I was allowed to use my DSLR without press accreditation and therefore did it just like the official photographs to go with the (only during Saxon used) rule "three songs - no flash" (OK, originally it should have been three songs, that was what was said beforehand but only after Biff told quite angry after the fourth song the security that the photographs should now leave the extremely narrow photo pit this was followed during the fifth song). As this was the first shooting for my new K-5 I had some issues with the adaptation to the new model and so the ISO setting was permanently too high. Due to that I beg your pardon for the little bit worse quality.


  • Hammer Of The Gods
  • Heavy Metal Thunder
  • Dooms Day
  • Never Surrender
  • Chasing The Bullet
  • Motorcycle Man
  • Back In '79
  • Solid Ball Of Rock
  • To Hell & Back
  • Got To Rock
  • Call To Arms
  • Rock The Nations
  • Witch Finder
  • Eagle Has Landed
  • Mists Of Avalon
  • Power & Glory
  • Denim & Leather
  • Wheels Of Steel


  • Crusader
  • Guitar Solo
  • 747 Strangers In The Night

Encore 2:

  • Strong Arm
  • Princess Of The Night





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