Amberian Dawn Artikel

17.10.2009 Amberian Dawn

Metal Female Voices Fest VII

Oktoberhallen Wieze (Belgium)

(Panasonic DMC-TZ7)

Directly after Kivimetsan Druidi it was time for the second Finnish band of the festival: Amberian Dawn. The band plays symphonic metal and offered all your heart can desire:
Heidi Parviainen, who although not completely feeling well presenting a great show and an incredible voice. Besides that the fantastic synthesizer and orchestral elements. Last but not least Kasperi Heikkinen and Emil Pohjalainen with their amazing guitar solos.
That has really been one of the better performances of the day and slowly also the vibes in the audience got better minute by minute.


  • Valkyries
  • River Of Tuoni
  • Shallow Waters
  • He Sleeps In A Grove
  • My Only Star
  • Evil Inside Me

(list not complete)