Mayan Article

14.04.2018 MaYaN

1000. Epica Concert

013 Tilburg (Netherlands)

(Olympus XZ-1)

The first highlight of the day was for sure the gig of MaYaN. That was not only obvious due to the quite well filled venue but also due to the efforts spent on the stage. At least during that show not less than 11 musicians should populate the stage.
And they were already really crazy about the gig whereas two of the musicians had to work overtime. Singer Mark Jansen and drummer Arien van Weesenbeek were not only playing this concert with MaYaN but are also members of the band Epica by which another two-hour taking gig was waiting for them. But that was no reason for them to not put the pedal to the metal already now. The set was a good mixture of the first two albums “Quaterpast” and “Antagonise”. Additionally, there were two world premieres with the songs “The Power Process” and “Tornado Of Thoughts” which will be contained on the later that year upcoming third album “Dhyana”.
It was quite cozy on stage where the growlers Mark Jansen and George Oosthoek were alternating again and again with Henning Basse taking over the clean vocal parts. In the background choir Marcela Bovio and Laura Macri were supporting the other guys but also could show during “Insano” what they were able to do with their operatic voices. Furthermore, there was the instrumental fraction formed by Frank Schiphorst on guitar, Arien van Weesenbeek on drums, Jack Driessen on Keyboard and Roel Käller on bass. Not only on stage there was an energy blasting show presented but also in front of the stage it was getting loud and lively for the first time of this afternoon. The songs were loudly sung along, arms were up in the air and you could really feel that everybody was having a lot of fun.
I did not listen to MaYaN before but it was really great what the guys and girls were delivering. The sound was really good, the lights too, voices and instruments too. From my point of view this show could have taken some longer but to give Mark and Arien the possibility to recreate in front of their second gig it was scheduled quite well. In each case one of the highlights of the afternoon.


  • Descry (Intro)
  • Devil In Disguise
  • Drown The Demon
  • Burn Your Witches
  • Insano
  • The Power Process
  • Human Sacrifice
  • Tornado Of Thoughts
  • Bite The Bullet
  • Time (Outro)