Tarja Article

18.10.2009 Tarja

Metal Female Voices Fest VII

Oktoberhallen Wieze (Belgium)

(Panasonic DMC-TZ7)

Everything finally comes to an end, also this beautiful festival. But before the lights die down it was on Tarja to produce proof of her abilities. The former Nightwish front-woman, now touring solo, showed mainly songs of her debut album “My Winter Storm” like “I Walk Alone”. It was a wide variety of fast and hard songs as well as quiet and emotional ones. Best example for the last one was “If You Believe” during which it was only Tarja on stage sitting behind her clavinova.
However , also songs of her time at Nightwish may not be missing. That were “Nemo”, “She Is My Sin” and “Deep Silent Complete”. Only the Alice Cooper cover version of “Poison“ made me think of what made her doing it because it was not too good presented by her. I like her voice very much and it is really impressing every time I hear it what was also thought by many others and due to this she was honored before her show with the MFVF Award for the best and nicest voice.
There were another two special features during her performance: The first one was a duet “The Seer” together with Doro Pesch and the second one was that the drum set was not in the back of the stage like on ordinary setups but Mike Terrana was sitting right in front of the stage with his extravagant equipment, showing that he is a dab hand at drumming. I have to admit that this guy is a real beast behind his shooting galery.
It was really hard for me to say goodbye after the last song „Die Alive“. Looking back I have to say that it was really exhausting and on the one hand I was happy to go back home. But on the other side it was that great, that I will be back on MFVF again next year for sure!


  • Intro (The Reign)
  • Enough
  • My Little Phoenix
  • She Is My Sin
  • Damned and Divine
  • I Walk Alone
  • Ciàran's Well Solo
  • Ciarán's Well
  • Tired of Being Alone
  • Lost Northern Star
  • Poison
  • Wisdom of the Wind / Boy and the Ghost / Our Great Divide / Calling Grace
  • If You Believe
  • Nemo
  • Sing for Me
  • The Seer (with Doro Pesch)


  • Oasis
  • Deep Silent Complete
  • Die Alive