Fortarock XL Article

01.06.2013 FortaRock XL

Goffertpark, Nijmegen (Netherlands)

(Olympus XZ-1)

Already for the 10th time (the fifth time as open air festival) the FortaRock was taking place at Nijmegen and due to this it should take place as XL version. This meant that not like the years before only two stages are used but instead even three and of course more bands are playing. Below you find impressions of the festival.
Originally I planned to go there completely without camera but finally I took my small pocket cam with me. The traffic guidance towards the parking lots of the Goffert park was good and quickly we arrived at the festival area where the first bands already had left the stages. But to Delain we were there on time, just starting on the main stage. The show was good as usual but mainly characterized by songs of the first two albums. From the latest "We Are The Others" no much was played and so it fittet quite well that the banner of last years "April Rain" tour was hanging in the back.
Afterwards we went over to Enslaved into the tent. The viking metalheads from Norway were firing up the crowd with significant harder sounds (this was due to the cold wind outside also needed). When we went back to the main stage after that show we were wondering why there was hanging a Textures banner. Originally we expected Five Finger Death Punch to play there but short timed due to logistic problems they had to cancel this show so the colleagues from Tilburg deputized. They knew to convince with versatile and rich on variations sounding metal.
there was not much time to take a breath as on the small Jägermeister stage Entombed was already waiting. The death metalheads from Sweden were attending on more straight style than Textures. Afterwards quickly back to the main stage. Meanwhile it was quite crowded and so Airbourne could present their new album "Black Dog Barking" within reason. But also older songs may not be missing. Back at the Jägermeister stage the Finns of Finntroll knew to entertain the crowd. With funny outfits (the ears were terrific) they were firing up the audience which was fully going along.
During Motörhead there was our well-deserved break (the stomach after such a long time wants to be refilled) and so there was more hearing than viewing. The energy was needed as we were heading for the final spurt introduced by the Essen guys of Kreator. With nice direct trash metal and a great stage setting you were directly put into the right mood before heading for the main stage for the last two bands of the evening. First there was Volbeat with their new album "Outlaw Gentleman & Shady Ladies". Already during that the atmosphere was extremely good, although I have to criticize the security (only point of criticism besides the annoying disposable cups). The wave-breaker in front of the stage was way too crowded so that there was no space left to move. That is not what it is meant to be. The situation relieved a little bit after many people left during Volbeat but towards the main act Rammstein this scenario repeated. To have good view we remained inside the first wave what appeared to be a good decision.
Rammstein is currently on European festival tour and bringing their whole arsenal of pyro playthings with them. The 90 minutes taking show was more than impressive and also the mood in front of the stage accordingly. At least only for this show the entrance was already worth it.
Overall a one-day festival that completely was worth it. A fantastic line-up for an unbeatable reasonable price. Luckily the weather was good and it remained dry. Just in time to the beginning of Volbeat the heaven was opening and we had shining sun. So is there anything you could want more?


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