Staubkind Article

26.10.2013 Staubkind

Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen (Germany)

(Olympus XZ-1)

I was somehow a littly bit confused when arriving at the Turbinenhalle because of finding a queue reaching across the whole parking lot. This may have something to do with the irritating information printed onto the tickets. All owners of an original Blutengel ticket had written there that the doors would be opened at 19:00 and the concert will begin at 20:00. Meanwhile this had changed which could only be found on reseller tickets like from Eventim or at the internet. Right on time at 19:30 the doors were opened and slowly the crowd started moving.
Inside an unusual picture was presented as the hall was completely filled with a theatrestyle seating arrangement. On stage only a few white layers of fabric were hanging downward. Finally reaching 21:00 Sven Manke, Martin Ukrasvan, Friedemann Mäthger, Sebastian Scheibe and Henrik Böhl of the Berlin rock band Staubkind entered the stage. As they were playing an acoustic set they were supporte by a cellist and a violinist.
There was no stage show, only the colors of the lights shining onto the fabric layers changed several times. Otherwise pure music. Wonderful! With catchy songs like "Nur Ein Tag" or "Königin" the audience was immediately was casted a spell over. Also the wonderful melancholic "Kleiner Engel" generated an atmosphere leading to goose bumps. As soon it was getting a little bit more rocking men were not able to stay on their seats anymore and they started partying, singing along and clapping. Overall 45 minutes were available to Staubkind and they made virtuos use of it and coming to the last song "Angekommen" everybody knew that they had really arrived at Oberhausen because the refrain was continued loudly after the song had ended when Manke encouraged them to do so.
I already had heared several songs of the band before and live they were presented acoustically in a really brilliant way. The gig was a lot of fun and so the anticipation was rising towards the main act of the evening: Blutengel.


  • Nur Ein Tag
  • Dein Engel Schweigt
  • Fühlst Du
  • Kleiner Engel
  • Paradies
  • Königin
  • Ein Traum, Der Nie Vergeht
  • So Nah Bei Mir
  • Angekommen