USA - Germany Article

07.05.2010 Preliminary Round Group D: USA - Germany 1:2 OT

Icehockey WC 2010 at Germany

Arena auf Schalke, Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

(Panasonic DMC-TZ7)

On 07.05.2010 at the Arena of Schalke Germany and the USA met. During this game a new world record was created by having 77.803 visitors at an ice hockey game. Accordingly the athmosphere was extremely good in the sold out arena.
After the official opening (with the official WC hymn presented by Scooter and the opening speech of Horst Köhler) the most essential began: ice hockey. After the weak presentations of the national team at the last WC and the Olympic games nobody was expecting a victory. An so in the beginning Michael Endrass was heavily challenged to refuse the on and on attacking Americans the lead.
But the great atmosphere seemed to inspire the German national team and so also Scott Clemmensen on the other side had to show during dangerous turn overs his skills. Not undeserved both teams went into the first break with a 0:0.
Out of that the Germans came much better and so in minute 26 Michael Wolf got the arena trembling when scoring the 1:0. Directly afterwards the German national team had to come through a short hander and again it was Endrass who kept his goal clean fantastically. Opportunities were there on both sides, however it remained 1:0 up to the 49th minute.
There, finally Michael Endrass had to pay the price for the high pressure of the continously attacking US Americans and Ryan Carter was able to use his opportunity for the leveler. But already short time after he was able to shine when saving extremely good against Jack Johnsen and by that saving the overtime and at least one point. Already now the Germans had earned more than it was expected beforehand.
But not enough with that because when the overtime began the Germans did not wait longtime. After only 21 seconds the puck hit the goal of Scott Clemmensen and then the mood boiled over inside the arena. Due to Felix Schütz goal leading to the 2:1 victory the sensation was made perfect and the first victory over the USA since 17 years was confirmed.


USA - Germany 1:2 OT (0:0 / 0:1 / 1:0 / 0:1)

25:20 / 0:1 / Michael Wolf

48:28 / 1:1 / Ryan Carter

60:21 / 1:2 / Felix Schütz