Zoo Nordhorn Article

24.04.2019 Zoo at Nordhorn

(Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II)

Shortly after Easter I made use of a stay at Nordhorn to take a look after many years to the meanwhile extremely redesigned zoo. The zoo is not only on German side very popular but due to the neighborhood to the German-Dutch borderline also at the bordering country.
Very nice is the consequent realization of the accessibility of the compounds (at least as far as possible). By that one is able to get very close not only to animals like budgies, Vietnam sika deer or steinbock but also owls and vultures. As the zoo is not that big it is especially something for families with small kids (also due to the moderate entrance fees). I found the rejection of the former classic zoo concept with small cages towards open compounds very successful. Still there are further animals situated at the old part where refurbischments are planned so that also in future the attraction will be further increased which I like very much. Who is passing nearby should plan a small side trip to it.