Within Temptation Article

27.05.2010 Pictures of the Within Temptation theatre tour concert at Steenwijk now online!

Finally I finished the rework of the pictures I took at Steenwijk during the Theatre Tour and put them online. In parallel I additionally optimised some things of the website so that the way the pictures are shown should now be of improved quality.

Furthermore the ice hockey WC took place during the last two weeks where I did the Cologne marathon (all games at Cologne except three + opening game at Schalke). During that a huge bunch of material was generated (27 games, nearly 4500 pictures). That I will take a deeper look at during the next weeks rework them and put them only one after the other. Therefore I beg your pardon and ask for a little patience until all games are online.

So, inbetween I wish you a lot of fun with the new pictures of the Within Temptation concert!


24.04.2010 Within Temptation at De Meenthe at Steenwijk (NL)