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Eurovision Song Contest Article

22.05.2011 Eurovision Song Contest finals

It has been quite a while that there was an update on the website but this will change now. I had built a new computer and for many components I had to wait quite a while due to delivery delays. High professional workload was also there so this is really the first news from my side in this year. That was not very uneventful and so during the upcoming weeks a lot of new picutres will find their way onto the website.

The first one is the Eurovision Song Contest which finals took place on 14.05.2011 with a breath taking show. Never has been there such a variety of music styles and kudos to the promoters of the event at Düsseldorf. That was really amazing and for the following hosts it will be very hard to reach this level.

During the next weeks the concerts of Kamelot at Cologne (with Sons Of Seasons, Amaranthe and Evergrey as support acts), Leaves' Eyes at the Atak at Enschede (with Serenity and Midnattsol as support acts), Epica at Zwolle (with Sin7sinS as support act) and pictures from the Paganfest at Oberhausen will follow. Besides that there will also be some of the test game of the German ice hockey national team against the Finnish national team at Nordhorn.


14.05.2011 Eurovision Song Contest at the Esprit Arena at Düsseldorf (D)

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