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24.05.2011 Pictures of the Kamelot concert at the Live Music Hall online

On 10.05.2011 Kamelot was guest at the Cologne Live Music Hall and had not fewer than three support acts with them: Sons Of Seasons (the project of Kamelot keyboarder Oliver Palotai), Amaranthe and Evergrey. Chaos with the time when the concert should start, very mixed music styles and great uncertainty how Kamelot would perform without Khan. They presented a lot and it was quite fun but some questions were left open in the end. It was very dark inside the hall but nevertheless I was able to take at least some usable pictures of the bands.


10.05.2011 Son Of Seasons at the Live Music Hall at Cologne (D)
10.05.2011 Amaranthe at the Live Music Hall at Cologne (D)
10.05.2011 Evergrey at the Live Music Hall at Cologne (D)
10.05.2011 Kamelot at the Live Music Hall at Cologne (D)

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