GEC Ritter Nordhorn - CRE Salzgitter Icefighters Article

12.02.2012 First defeat of the season for the GEC Ritter Nordhorn

On 10.02.2012 it came to the top match of the Regionalliga Nord between GEC Ritter Nordhorn and the CRE Salzgitter Icefighters. Because of the large number of visitors the game started 20 minutes late. But with 1642 visitors a new season record was reached. The game had everything that a top match is promising. Gripping game scenes on both sides, exciting course of the game but unfortunately (seen with the eyes of a Ritter) at the end Salzgitter Icefighters won the game deservedly. Not nice was the huge bunch of penalties that were given during the game and also temporarily disturbed the game.


10.02.2012 GEC Ritter Nordhorn - CRE Salzgitter Icefighters at the Ice Rink at Nordhorn (D)