Within Temptation Article

16.08.2011 Huntenpop 2011 at Ulft with "The First Challenge"

Right before I start with the pictures from Wacken a small interlude of last Friday. Then at the Dutch Ulft the Huntenpop Festival took place which Within Temptation had chosen for their "First Challenge". The concert should be a special one, at least it was announced on their website beforehand and the band did not promise too much. With a fantastic show on stage not only the whole current album "The Unforgiving" was played but also further great classics. That was how round about two hours in front of a quite small crowd were filled. Great athmosphere, great show, is there anything you could want more?

Additionally it was the first time for my new compact camera the Olympus XZ-1. During the shooting I liked it very much but only with the strange included software I am at daggers drawn. Unfortunately I do have to use it as Lightroom just with my Pentax is crashing the colors completely. Otherwise I love the Pentax Digital Camera Utility 4 to work on the RAW pictures but unfortunately it is incompatible with the DNG converted RAW pictures of the Olympus. So I had to take the long way across the Olympus Viewer 2 which is not keeping the RAW changes put onto the pictures and also the preview is not equal to what is finally stored into the TIFF file. Let's wait if I am able to find something better on the market.


12.08.2011 Within Temptation at the Huntenpop Festival at Ulft (NL)