Eläkeläiset Article

26.04.2013 Dark rock and humppa

Last Friday Switzerland stopped at the Kulturfabrik Krefeld in the form of Me.Man.Machine and The Beauty Of Gemina. In front of a small and very intimate audition the evening was opened with alternative rock music before it went over into great dark rock. Even if the vibes could have been a little bit better both bands showed a great performance leaving no wishes open (except that they could have played something longer).

On Monday at the Bahnhof Langendreer I attended the complete opposite when the Finns of Eläkeläiset painted the town red. Nothing and nobody is considered sacred and one classics after the other was newly interpreted with finnish lyrics and transformed into Hummpa style. 90 sweatening minutes were simply only one thing: fun!


19.04.2013 Me.Man.Machine. at the Kulturfabrik at Krefeld (D)
19.04.2013 The Beauty Of Gemina at the Kulturfabrik at Krefeld (D)
22.04.2013 Eläkeläiset at the Bahnhof Langendreer at Bochum (D)