Van Canto Article

18.10.2009 Van Canto

Metal Female Voices Fest VII

Oktoberhallen Wieze (Belgium)

(Panasonic DMC-TZ7)

After hard note and powerful guitars of Darzamat there was now a really hard cut. You could get the impression that Van Canto had forgotten their instruments because there was nothing on stage except the drums. But that is typical for them, because except the drums all instruments are formed vocally (and with a little support of guitar effect generators).
I did not know the band before the festival and only heard several songs on their website but was immediately fascinated by their sound which polarizes quite strong: You either love or you hate them, there is not much inbetween.
Right before their show began, they were honored with the MFVF Award for the best newcomers. That seemed to have given them wings. The hall was already quite crowded and shortly after they had started their intro “Stora Röverdansen“ the atmosphere increased when Inga, Sly, Basti, Stef and Ross really let it go. Dominated by the front-singers Inga and Sly several cover versions of great songs like “Wishmaster“ (quite courageous as Tarja would also be on stage later that evening), “The Trooper” and “Fear Of The Dark” by Iron Maiden, as well as the “Bard’s Song” by Blind Guardian were performed. During the last one also drummer Basti was allowed to sing along with the others, but it was not only him. Just like on a Blind Guardian concert it was the whole audience that sang loudly together with Van Canto. Very impressive! Besides the cover versions there were of course also own compositions presented.
To sum it up: a great show, extremely enthusiastic musicians on stage and mainly also people in the audience. It is only a shame that it took not that long at all.


  • Stora Rövardansen
  • Pathfinder
  • Wishmaster
  • Speed of Light
  • The Trooper
  • Starlight
  • The Bard's Song - In the Forest
  • Rain
  • The Mission
  • Fear of the Dark