Therion Intro

Meanwhile it is Sunday evening and slowly the festival is coming to its end but not before a reale stunner was shown. At least I did not know the Swedish band Therion beforehand but they can look back onto a long and changeful history.

Visions Of Atlantis Intro

After so much solemn music there was directly afterwards a stark contrast program. With Visions Of Atlantis there was good mood power/symphonic metal from Austria standing on the schedule. Already last year at the same place Maxi Nil was introduced as new singer and now the new album "Delta" released at the beginning of the year should be presented.

Draconian Intro

As last but two act of the evening Draconian could play the slot of Midnattsol and it should become something very special. The spheric solemn doom metal sounds of Anders Jacobsson and Lisa Johansson do have something very own but fascinating.

Stream Of Passion Intro

The Dutch band Stream Of Passion around the Mexican front woman Marcela Bovios is also not very unknown on the festival. Already two years ago they had their debut and are now able to show with their new album "Darker Days" that they can rock the venue.

Midnattsol Intro

For Midnattsol it was already the third gig on this festival. Of course they had also their new CD "The Metamorphosis Melody" with them of which you could hear the one or the other song.

System Divide Intro

With System Divide a somehow harder pace was again brought onto stage. The multi-national combo formed by the singer Sven de Caluwé (of the Belgium band Aborted and responsible for the growls) and his wive Miri Milman (former Distorted) that were supported by Michael Wilson and Gregory Macklin on guitars as well as Mike Heller on drums.

Triosphere Intro

Already on this years Wacken the four Norvegian knew to enthuse and that is just what they also did at the Oktoberhallen at Wieze. The music can be sorted inside the area of progressive and symphonic metal with decent hard rock influences. Especially front woman and bassist Ida Haukland could impress with her somehow lower voice.

VelvetSeal Intro

Stylistic we stay at comparable realms after Operatika. As now the Hungarian newcomer VelvetSeal could show that they do not look impressive optically but also in musical kind of way.

Operatika Intro

The contrast could not be any larger as after the brutal starting with the death metaller of Diary About My Nightmares the symphonic/power metaller of Operatika entered the stage.

Diary About My Nightmares Intro

Last festival day and again a really cold night passed in the tent. So quickly the ice covered tent including its interior put into the trunk and directly over to the venue to heat up. That this works properly the German band Diary About My Nightmares really beat their music around the audiences head directly coming down to the nitty-gritty.