Within Temptation Article

12.08.2011 Within Temptation

Huntenpop Festival, Ulft (Netherlands)

(Olympus XZ-1)

After the tour originally planned for the beginning of the year had to be delayed due to Sharon den Adels pregnancy you could now look forward to the Within Temptation so called "First Challenge" on this years Huntenpop festival at Ulft (to be precise it was already the second gig as they played two days earlier on Sziget festival at Budapest). The show should additionally be something very special.
Already beforehand the band had stired the anticipation up via videos on their homepage and they did not promise too much. There was a stage setting specially adapted to the new album with lots of spotlights and a LED wall as large as the stage and of course not to forget steam and pyro effects. First the whole new album "The Unforgiving" was played (including the bonus track "Stairway To The Sky"). During that the band was supported by video trailers played in the background which were very from style point of view very varying but always fitting quite well to the belonging song as well as an impressive light and fireworks show. But not only on stage there was something new also the band itself changed somehow. So the new drummer Mike Coolen replaced the former one Stephen van Haestregt who retired on his own wish. He was immediately integrated quite well.
The concert itself took place nearly in a setting that could be called familiar as not so many people could be inside the tent (I would roughly guess maximal 1500 visitors) which made everything quite agreable. Unfortunately the first part was overshaded by some technical issues (sound not optimal set, curtain in front of the screen did not open completely, sound issues on one of the guitars as well as on Sharon's in-ear monitors) but nevertheless it was quite astonishing what they presented. You could really see that they were keen on being on stage again. In the second part of the show the band announced on their homepage that there should be rare Within Temptation classics and greatest hits being played. Unfortunately it was only a greatest hits compilation that is normally played on each Within Temptation concert. I would have liked rare pearls like "Dark Wings" or especially songs of the early albums "Enter" or "The Dance". Nevertheless also the songs played guaranteed a great atmosphere. It was permanently loudly sang along, clapped and jumped.
The show was with two hours the longest they ever played however unfortunately with "Ice Queen" the end came perceived way too early. Although not everything worked 100% it was overall a quite good concert. Especially the great implementation of the "The Unforgiving" album with especially made very varying videos was terrific. I am looking forward, how much of this is transferred into the regular tour and to see them again in November at Cologne!


  • Shot In The Dark
  • In The Middle Of The Night
  • Faster
  • Fire And Ice
  • Iron
  • Where Is The Edge
  • Sinéad
  • Lost
  • Murder
  • A Deamon's Fate
  • Stairway To The Sky
  • Intro
  • See Who I Am
  • Stand My Ground
  • The Howling
  • What Have You Done
  • Memories
  • Our Solemn Hour
  • Angels
  • Mother Earth


  • Deceiver Of Fools
  • Ice Queen