Amon Amarth Article

02.08.2014 Amon Amarth

Wacken Open Air XXV

Wacken (Germany)

(Pentax K-5 with Sigma AF 70-200mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

It was very cozy in front of the True Metal Stage on which the north men of Amon Amarth were eagerly waited for. Already on Wacken Open Air 2012 the really burned down the stage and it was nothing less than that what the audience was waiting for also this time. And already optically you were rewarded by two gigantic dragon heads at each side of the stage. These were later on very impressively integrated into the show. Again and again not only singer Johan Hegg mounted the dragon heads but also the two guitarists Johann Söderberg and Olavi Mikkonen to duel from distance. Well fitting to the songs like e.g. “Asator” of the album “With Oden On Our Side” they forged huge fire balls ahead across the stage and the heads were spitting masses of fog drawing attention very impressively to the stage.
It was the tour to their latest album “Deceiver Of The Gods” out of which quite well suitable were directly the first three songs were taken. But also otherwise there were further climax of their creative work where the audience was not able to do anything different than follow them enthusiastically. Between the songs there were always some small conversations between singer Johann Hegg, that was presenting himself very handsome and close to the audience, and the audience which that he interacted greatly. Latest at “Guardians Of Asgaard” the boiling temperature was reached which the guys could easily keep until the end. When the terrific set came with “The Pursuit Of Vikings” of the album “Fate Of Norns” to end and that was in my point of view reached way too early. Nevertheless Amon Amarth was celebrated frenetically when they left the stage.
Somehow overrun by the force that went towards me from the stage I have to admit that Amon Amarth was able to improve significantly even compared to the great show back in 2012. Quite rightly they are the crowd favourites and played one of the best shows of the whole weekend. Unfortunately they had to play already very early so that the sun was still shining brightly. In the dark this show would have been way more wicked. Anyhow. Goose bumps were guaranteed when many 10,000 men were roaring songs like “Twilight Of The Thunder God”. In each case one should watch this impressive show of the Swedish if he/she has the possibility to do so. For me it was for sure not the last gig that I have watched of them!


  • Father Of The Wolf
  • Deceiver Of The Gods
  • As Loke Falls
  • Varyags Of Miklagaard
  • For Victory Or Death
  • Guardians Of Asgaard
  • Cry Of The Black Birds
  • We Shall Destroy
  • Asator
  • War Of The Gods
  • Victorious March


  • Twilight Of The Thunder God
  • The Pursuit Of Vikings