Megadeth Article

02.08.2014 Megadeth

Wacken Open Air XXV

Wacken (Germany)

(Pentax K-5 with Sigma AF 70-200mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

After Amon Amarth performed a mind-blowing show on the True Metal Stage it was seamlessly continuing on the Black Stage with the next climax. Another representant of the big four of thrash metal paid Wacken its courtesy visit: Megadeth! After Slayer already really rocked the field the day before now the men around guitarist and singer Dave Mustaine were able to show their skills.
Also they are already old hands and since 1983 touring the stages of this world. The evening should start with a mishap. All are already on stage and working on their instruments but only out of the huge speakers all you can hear is: Nothing! The technical mishaps continue to happen across the whole set. But never mind as it is really gorgeous. Already directly in the beginning with “Hangar 18” of the “Rust In Peace” album and “Wake Up Dead” of “Peace Sells…” made the mass in front of the stage start moving. That is something you cannot tell of David Mustaine who stood static during the whole concert behind his microphone. The part of heating the crowd up was taken over by his guitarist Chris Broderick and bassist and co-founding member David Ellefson. Not to forget the man behind the drum set Shawn Drover.
Of course the mascot Vic Rattlehead may not be missing having a short appearance in-between. So let’s continue with the set and with the hits that formed a nice cross section coming to an end with “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” of the beforementioned album “Rust In Peace”.
Great music (although not so loud, that is something where the sound engineers could take a look at the Slayer ones of the evening before), great videos shown on the huge screen in the background of the stage and a Chris Broderick that was making a lot of fun are on the credit side. Unfortunately there is a quite grumpy Steve Mustaine that was playing technically terrific but without emotions through his set and also besides that the audience did not really catch fire. They belong besides Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax to the big four of thrash metal but Slayer the evening before really showed how you could make the air burn and this without large show effects. So I found the gig quite nice but I would not need a repetition.


  • Prince Of Darkness (Intro)
  • Hangar 18
  • Wake Up Dead
  • In My Darkest Hour
  • Skin O'My Teeth
  • Sweating Bullets
  • Tornado Of Souls
  • Poison Was The Cure
  • She-Wolf
  • Trust
  • Kingmaker
  • Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy Cover)
  • Symphony Of Destruction
  • Peace Sells


  • Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
  • Silent Scorn (Outro)
  • Silent Scorn (Outro, Sid Vicious Song)