In Extremo Article

03.08.2012 In Extremo

Wacken Open Air XXIII

Wacken (Germany)

(Pentax K-5 with Sigma AF 70-200mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

The festial day was slowly coming towards its end and the medieval metaller of In Extremo were invited to put out the lights on Black Stage. Here not only the common metal instruments like guitars, bass and drums were used but also traditiona medieval instruments like bagpipes, shawm or harp. Although it was already quite late many remained there after the gig of In Flames and were populating the area in front of the stage when it firstly started with "Sterneneisen" the title song of their same-titled album.
In the beginning the audience remained quite calm but slowly the atmosphere got better. Latest during "Frei Zu Sein" the working temperature was reached. In Extremo did not want to stay behind In Flames as also here not so numerous but therefore more gigantic flame thrower were positioned in front of the stage firing their flames up to the roof of the stage. Also in the back of the stage you could find further flame throwers positioned in a semicircle heating up the stage and the area in front of it again and again. No matter if it were songs like "Herr Mannelig" or "Spielmannsfluch", each one was loudly sang along so that singer Michael Robert Rhein partially stopped singing and let the crowd do that for him. But also the quite moments should not go short. "Zauberspruch No. VII" was presented fervently and yearningly so that in front of stage attentive silence dominated. The same during "Vollmond" when Doctor Pymonte armed with his harp stood lonely in the middle of a completely dark blue enlightened stage first attentative tension was dominating.
Not everything was that lively anymore like at other bands having played at the afternoon but that is what you do have to pay tribute to the time of day. So this gig was not that powerful and also the atmosphere more reserved but overall a good closure of a long day at the main area that was really worth it.


  • Sterneneisen
  • Frei Zu Sein
  • Zigeunerskat
  • Herr Mannelig
  • Sängerkrieg
  • Flaschenpost
  • Unsichtbar
  • Zauberspruch No. VII
  • Spielmannsfluch
  • Omnia Sol Temperat
  • Siehst Du Das LichtViva La Vida
  • Küss Mich
  • Vollmond
  • Rasend Herz
  • Villeman Og Magnhild