Awake Again Article

02.08.2018 Awake Again

Wacken Open Air XXIX

Wacken (Germany)

(Pentax K-5 with Sigma AF 70-200mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

With the four Finns of Awake Again it was getting colored on stage at last. Because opposite to all the other bands they were not wearing the common black or dark outfits but brightly colored shorts and shirts making you think of them just having arrived on stage directly from beach holidays.
But also otherwise it was a very lively and good gig of singer Matti Östermann with his fellows Kasper Helleström on guitar, Ville Loukola on bass and Markus Puranen on drums. Also, this band was not yet existing that long time (since 2013 and in the current line-up only since 2015). Accordingly, their material was limited. From style point of view, they can be put into the metal core and you could really see that they were having a lot of fun during their performance. At least it was their first show outside Finland ever. Unfortunately, the audience was heavily thinned out but that did not do any harm to the great atmosphere. Overall it was a quite nice and entertaining show where mainly the high spirits of the band stays in mind. Musically, at least from my point of view, it was at the very most only on an average.


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