Korpiklaani Article

03.08.2018 Korpiklaani

Wacken Open Air XXIX

Wacken (Germany)

(Pentax K-5 with Sigma AF 70-200mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

After Amorphis directly the next Finns. Korpiklaani just released their latest much celebrated opus called “Kulkija”. But nevertheless there are only two songs being played of it which are “Henkselipoika” and “Kotikonnut”.
The music can be described as folk metal with humppa influences and makes your limbs start moving. Indeed, you do not understand a lot of most of the songs (at least if you are not able to speak Finnish), however it is still a lot of fun. I cannot understand, how front man Jonne Järvelä was able to resist these temperatures with his long clothes and a thick leather jacket. It seemed that he became hot within a very short time, so he promptly got rid of this garment. Besides him there were also violinist Tuomas Rounakari and guitarist Kalle Savijärvi swirling across the stage to fire up the audience even more. But that was completely obsolete as moods in front of the stage was already excellent. Bassist Jarkko Aaltonen wisely had due to the temperatures chosen to wear a cowl and was presenting himself barefooted on stage whilst drummer Matti Johansson at the background in front of the huge LED wall by the sweat of his brow was working on his drums. Within the set the guys were able to include songs of nearly all albums released up to now (only “Tervaskanto” was missing). It was rounded off by the alcohol trilogy “Tequila”, “Beer Beer” and “Vodka” where you were able to at least shout these words loudly out.
It was a lot of fun and extremely entertaining. Of their insiders’ tip status, they were outgrown already for a long period of time and meanwhile a worthy main act. Also optically it was an eye catcher as on the videowall at the background there were short video sequences being played that perfectly fit to the songs. Who is looking for some high spirits music for in-between on a festival should in each case visit Korpiklaani!


  • Wooden Pints
  • Henkselipoika
  • Erämaan Ärjyt
  • A Man With A Plan
  • Rauta
  • Kotikonnut
  • Metsämies
  • Lempo
  • Kultanainen
  • Pilli On Pajusta Tehty
  • Happy Little Boozer
  • Tequila
  • Beer Beer
  • Vodka