GEC Ritter Nordhorn - Celle Oilers Article

27.11.2011: GEC Ritter Nordhorn - Celle Oilers 9:1

Regionalliga Nord

Ice Rink, Nordhorn (Germany)

(Pentax K-5 with Tamron SP AF 17-50mm 2.8 XR Di II LD Asp IF and Sigma AF 50-150mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

When I arreived at 18:30 at the hall I thought I was in the wrong epoche. It looked in front of the hall just like in the good old GEC Nordhorn times end of the 90ies. The people were standing in queues. OK, that was for two reasons: first one was that the club was able to welcome impressive 999 visitors (for 1000 it was just not enough), the second one was that they have to improve the situation at the entrance massively. The reason for the queue was very simple: there was only one ticket booth opened and that people with VIP or free tickets were able to directly pass at the right entrance door was not quite obvious from outside the building. So there is some space for improvement: better would be to open both ticket booth and let people with already bought tickets pass in the middle, so the time for waiting could significantly be reduced (for me it has been at least impressive 25 minutes).
Anyhow, back to the sports because also that was quite impressive. Although limited by numerous absences (overall coach Pacula was missing 7 players due to several reasons) the Ritter directly from the beginning wanted to show who is the boss. And so it was Christian Synowiec who directly in minute 5 on assist of Sotor and Zimbelmann was able to score the 1:0 during power play. Already one minute after that it was up to Ludwig Synowiecz to extend the lead to 2:0 before Lukas Hausmanninger was able to score the 3:0 after a great solo run shortly before the break.
Celle was clearly inferior and was standing no chance. Additionally they hindered themselves additionally in playing better by many unnecessary penalties because of too many players on the ice. So it was no problem for the Nordhorn players to increase their lead by goals of Lukas Hausmanninger in minute 27 and Marvin Raslan in minute 38 to 5:0. Despite that it was not that fluent for the GEC like it had been in the first period which may be related to the high number of penalties and the somehow disjointed game.
During the last period they were turning up the heat and very quickly the lead was increased to 7:0. The opportunities of the Celle team (if you could call them like that) could be counted on one hand. This made it especially for goalie Maik Holzke inside the goal of the Ritter very easy because he was not challenged quite often. To keep the concentration up is not easy under that conditions and so Wadim Jeshow could score the consolation goal for the Oilers in minute 52 as well as preventing Holzke in having a shot out. But that was already the only remarkable opportunity because from that point in time only the GEC were playing. The Celle team could not have argued in loosing this game double-digit which unfortunately was not reached. With Alexander Zimbelmann and Lukas Hausmanninger (just as Ludwig Synowiec with the 3rd goal of this evening) the game ended 9:1.
The loud atmosphere inside the hall was very good. Already before the end of the game La Ola went across the tribunes and of course a Humba together with the team after the farewell may not be missing. With this victory the Ritter could consolidate their lead in the division and are already looking forward to the next game against Timmendorf.


GEC Ritter Nordhorn - Celler Oilers 9:1 (3:0 / 2:0 / 4:1)

6. / 1:0 / Christian Synowiec

7. / 2:0 / Ludwig Synowiec

18. / 3:0 / Lukas Hausmanninger

27. / 4:0 / Lukas Hausmanninger

38. / 5:0 / Marvin Raslan

41. / 6:0 / Ludwig Synowiec

42. / 7:0 / Ludwig Synowiecz

52. / 7:1 / Wadim Jeshow

55. / 8:1 / Alexander Zimbelmann

60. / 9:1 / Lukas Hausmanninger