GEC Ritter Nordhorn - EHC Grizzly Adams Juniors Wolfsburg Article

29.01.2012: GEC Ritter Nordhorn - EHC Grizzly Adams Juniors Wolfsburg 6:1

Regionalliga Nord

Ice Rink, Nordhorn (Germany)

(Pentax K-5 with Tamron SP AF 17-50mm 2.8 XR Di II LD Asp IF and Sigma AF 50-150mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

Again the ice rink was quite good crowded by 650 visitors when the GEC Ritter Nordhorn played against the 1b team (also known as Juniors) of the EHC Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg. Nordhorn playe without four players (besides Sascha Maat and Sami Chehade also J.J. Kalarwarny and Karel Horak were missing) and could not start their powerfull game during first period as they were used to. Additionally the physically strong Wolfsburg player were directly from the beginning resisting. This could obviously be seen on the given penalties. Again and again players of both teams had to take place on the penalty bench so that the first two periods were quite fuzzy. But nevertheless there were chances on both sides which were destroyed on Nordhorn side by the great playing goalie Maik Holzke. On the other side the Wolfsburg defense showed, that they could also do this. Even a 5 to 3 powerplay could not be used for scoring by the Ritter and so it went with a 0:0 for the first time into the cabin.
At the beginning of the second period not much changed. Wolfsburg presented itself furtheron as a very unpleasant opponent and it took until the 24. minute when Patrick Kaminski released the fans with an unsaveable shot. Now the pressure was increased an in minute 32 Patrick was able to increase to 2:0. Telling that Maik Holzke on Nordhorn side was playing extremely good, so you were not able to tell the same about the Wolfsburg goalie Maurice Majewski. On and on he stood out with uncertainty which could not be made use of by the Nordhorn players because the defense was compensating very well. In minute 33. he got rid of his luck. Patrick Kaminski wanted to free the defense of the Ritter and shot towards the Wolfsburg goal. Majewski seemed to be very surprised by that because the puck went across his stick, Marco Peperkamp said "Thank you!" and pulled the puck across the line to score the 3:0. This was the end of the working day of Majewski and stressed out he went of the ice. For him came Alex Annsmann who presented himself as much more stable saved the current result into the last period.
The resistance of Wolfsburg continued to be strong and so it was not that easy for the Ritter who despite that were able to increase their lead in minute 48 and 53 to 5:0. The Wolfsburg goalies both had not much luck this day. Alex Annsmann saved quite well but shortly before the game ended he also had a blunder. The scene seemed to be saved after a shot of Patrick Kaminski. Annsmann already got the puck but he did not have it inside his glove or somehow under control. And so the puck fell from his equipment onto the ice and wobbled across the line. Unfortunately it did not get to the happy-end on the other side. Holzke after a wonderful presentation had to release the safe felt shoot-out. After a great turn-over it was Valeri Brait who scored the consolation goal. But that was something the Nordhorn players could live with because after this game another step towards the championship was made and on 10.02.2012 the Salzgitter Icefighters will be guests in a top game of the Regionalliga Nord.


GEC Ritter Nordhorn - EHC Grizzly Adams Juniors Wolfsburg 6:1 (0:0 / 3:0 / 3:1)

24. / 1:0 / Patrick Kaminski

32. / 2:0 / Patrick Kaminski

33. / 3:0 / Marco Peperkamp

48. / 4:0 / Alexander Zimbelmann

53. / 5:0 / Ludwig Synowiecz

56. / 6:0 / Patrick Kaminski

. / 6:1 / Valeri Brait