GEC Ritter Nordhorn - Heerenveen Flyers 2 Article

20.01.2012: GEC Ritter Nordhorn - Heerenveen Flyers 2 4:1

Euregio Cup

Ice Rink, Nordhorn (Germany)

(Pentax K-5 with Tamron SP AF 17-50mm 2.8 XR Di II LD Asp IF and Sigma AF 50-150mm 2.8 EX DC APO HSM II)

After the premiere of the Euregio Cup in front of the home audience had gone pretty bad (the Gijs Bears Groningen left the ice during second period and aborted the game) it first had to be clarified how to continue. Because of the Gijs Bears Groningen declared the leave of the Euregio Cup only the Heerenveen Flyers 2 and the GEC Ritter were left over. Both teams agreed on continuing in each case this cup and that this shall be done in best of three mode.
The first game took place at Heerenveen and there the Flyers won by a nose in an exciting game by 3:2. So the Ritter befor their home audience were put on the spot if they did not want to give away the cup ahead of schedule. In front of 650 visitors the home team directly got straight down to the nitty-gritty. First they bound Heerenveen permanently into their defense zone and this continous attacking was rewarded in minute 11 by the lead goal scored by Karel Horak. Unfortunately this joy was not lasting for long time as already five minutes later it were the Dutch wo cheered about the equalize of Joey de Jong. With this result it went into the first break. This was slightly extended as first the Bambini and afterwards the Jungritter showed their skills on ice.
At the beginning of the second period the "large Ritter" continued where they stopped at the end of the first period. Again and again they shot on the Heerenveen goal but unfortunately goalie Tom Brocke destroyed many of the promising opportunities. It took until the mid of this period until the Ritter were able to take over the lead again. First it was Marco Peperkamp who scored the lead followed by Lukas Hausmanninger who was able to increase to 3:1 only 3 minutes after that. The Dutch players did not resign themselves to their fate and fought bravely. Finally there was really an opponent at the Nordhorn ice rink who played on the same level as the Ritter.
During the last period the game went into an up and down across the ice but both teams were able to prevent the other team from scoring. It was the last minute of the game where Ludwig Synowiec finally saved the defeat of the Heerenveen team by scoring the 4:1. By this the Nordhorn Ritter had equalized the Euregio Cup and no the decision game number three was waiting tha should also be played at Nordhorn. Both teams agreed on 26.02.2012 and the game will start at 19:00.


GEC Ritter Nordhorn - Heerenveen Flyers 2 4:1 (1:1 / 2:0 / 1:0)

11. / 1:0 / Karel Horak

16. / 1:1 / Joey de Jong

31. / 2:1 / Marco Peperkamp

34. / 3:1 / Lukas Hausmanninger

60. / 4:1 / Ludwig Synowiec