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Delain Article

06.08.2012 Terrific evening with slight difficulties in the beginning

On 01.06.2012 the two Dutch rock bands Nemesea and Delain were guests at the Atak at Enschede. Nemesea was the starter with their current album "The Quiet Resistance" sounding much more grown up now. This they proved also with their live performance which enthused the audience.

Afterwards Delain wanted to do the same with their new album "We Are The Others" but first the technology upset their plans. The 10 minutes lasting break was filled with some spontaneous improvisations so that the audience was directly in a perfect mood to give them a second chance for starting their concert. This worked then without any further issues and so in was not only fun for the band on stage. All in all an evening that was worth it!


01.06.2012 Nemesea at the Atak at Enschede (NL)
01.06.2012 Delain at the Atak at Enschede (NL)

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