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Scandinavian day

Let’s get to the third festival day, Friday. It was still hot and the water consumption huge. Inapt to this there were nearly only bands from Scandinavia on my schedule (at least 7 out of 10).
But that did not lead to supercool gigs but made one considerably move despite the high temperatures. The personal highlights were definitely directly in the morning Kellermensch and Amorphis whereas the first one from my point of view is really still an insiders’ tip (I had already seen them live once in 2012 on the Wacken). The stage was completely filled and the show unbelievable! The same you could say of In Flames who fully enthused late at night and were to my mind the real headliner of the day and not Running Wild who played directly before (but they were unfortunately not able to fully convince me). Not least there should Clawfinger be mentioned who were the booster detonation of my love for metal music.
The whole was completed by folk metal of Korpiklaani, relaxed medieval metal of Schandmaul, pleasant hard rock of Mr. Big, speedy finger solos of Children Of Bodom as well as electrifying progressive metal of Soen at the end. Overall it was from my point of view regarding bands and concerts the best day of the festival.


03.08.2018 Kellermensch
03.08.2018 Amorphis
03.08.2018 Korpiklaani
03.08.2018 Mr. Big
03.08.2018 Schandmaul
03.08.2018 Children Of Bodom
03.08.2018 Clawfinger
03.08.2018 Running Wild
03.08.2018 In Flames
03.08.2018 Soen