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19.05.2014 25. anniversary of Wacken!

Also if I made myself scarce on the website, there are some news: I just returned from my concert trip through the Netherlands and the picture from that will soon follow (I was at the record release show of Epica with Insomnium as support act, as well as on the tour concert of the current "Hydra" album of Within Temptation with Delain as opener of the show).

But slowly we are heading towards the every-years highlight: Wacken! This year the largest metal festival on earth celebrates its 25th anniversary which lead to a run on the tickets beforehand. Within unbelievable 48 hours (it has never needed that few hours) the festival was sold out. And this although nearly no bands had been announced to that time. Meanwhile the running order is nearly completed and many well known bands will join as well as newcomers

Of course at such an unusual event the special shows may not be missing. Van Canto will celebrate a special show on the Party Stage with many special guests. Also Apocalyptica will party hard on the True Metal Stage together with an orchestra. Furthermore I am very keen about Heaven Shall Burn who will move the crowd in front of them like they never did before.

After it was quite unclear for a long time last year if Lemmy will be OK again in time after his surgery to play together with his band Motörhead at Wacken the guys went onto the stage. But unfortunately due to the hot weather and Lemmy not being that well they had to stop their performance after only a few songs. The fans showed understanding for that and are now compensated because Motörhead will have their last-years performance at this year. As we are already talking about Great Britain: another dinosaur of the Wacken history may not be unmentioned: Saxon! Also the long-serving men around singer Biff Byford will surely do us the honor to ensure epic moments and a terific show.

Will also in 2014 enthuse the masses in front of the stages: Lemmy Kilmister with his band Motörhead, the devils' cellists of Apocalyptica as well as Biff with his guys from Saxon

For these also Tobias Sammet will guarantee. It was just not even 3 years ago (Wacken 2011 to be precise) where he announced after his show that he will no continue with his project Avantasia and that this was the last show. Was it boredom or whatever else: Tobias has called his illustrious friends and also 2014 a great metal opera will be shown!

Heat up the crowd again: Children Of Bodom, Heaven Shall Burn and Van Canto

There is so much I could list up who will be joining this year: There is Fiddler's Green, Bring Me The Horizon, Santiano, W.A.S.P., Sodom, Megadeath, Kreator, Arch Enemy... The list is very long. One of the headliner was already announced: Slayer will be with us after 2010 and will let the ground tremble again (as someone next to me said: "F**, my trousers are waving!"). On another one I am wishfully waiting just like the other Wacken fanboys. All in all a lineup with which you can really be pleased. Let's hope that the weather will find its way to something between hot like in the desert and flooding rain. Anyhow: See you at Wacken - rain or shine!