Sons Of Seasons Article

10.05.2011 Sons Of Seasons

Live Music Hall, Cologne (Germany)

(Panasonic DMC-TZ7)

As the concert was during the week and there should be 4 bands playing Sons Of Seasons already had to start quite shortly after the beginning of the entry at 19:15. Unfortunately to that point in time not many people were there what of course was a pity for the band. As the men around the Kamelot keyboarder (but here instead more playing the strings rather than the keys) had just released their second album "Magnisphyricon".
Accordingly their gig was dominated by tracks of the new album. With their gloomy breathed on progressive symphonic metal especially singer Henning Basse could cast a spell across the audience. The last two songs before the band had to leave the stage were of their debut album "Gods Of Vermin". These were also somehow more known to me as I knew the band already from and was curious about their new songs. That really made me want more. Unfortunately Son Of Seasons as first band of the evening had only roughly half an hour available which in my point of view is too less time. Maybe I will try to see them once in a headliner concert e.g. on the upcoming Mayan Tour. It is in each case worth it.


  • Magnisphyricon Adjustment
  • Bubonic Waltz
  • Soul Symmetry
  • Guilt’s Mirror
  • Millial’s Tower
  • Beyond The Gates Of Mayhem