Deathstars Article

04.03.2012 Deathstars

Ahoy, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

(Olympus XZ-1)

The support act for Rammstein was formed this time by the Swedish industrial and gothic metaller of Deathstars. They fit way better to Rammstein from my point of view than Combichrist did on the last tour. I did not know the band beforehand and so the first thought running through my head after they started was: 69 Eyes on industrial. This thought was mainly influenced by singer Andreas Bergh whose voice is quite similar to the one of the 69 Eyes front men. A nice sonorously clear voice.
That the guys are not new to the business was obvious quite fast. Already three albums they released and the show was presented very sovereign. They preferred playing mainly in the dark and only seldom set accents by colored lights of stroboscope effects. The audience went quite good with them as they were only the support act whereas only the request to make some noise for Rammstein so that they could hear it at their locker room could really produce a decent level of noise. Overall a quite entertaining thing where the 40 minutes that the band had passed by like nothing.


  • Blitzkrieg
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Mark Of The Gun
  • Chertograd
  • Metal
  • Tongues
  • Blood Stains Blondes
  • Night Electric Night
  • Death Dies Hard