Soulfly Intro

As I had until Tiamat and the closure with U.D.O. still some time left I chose Soulfly to be so to say the "fill-in". Originally not completely the style of music I like but I have to admit that the show was quite good (especially the prohibition of circle-pit was not taken much care about by singer Max Cavalera what the security immediately hectical tried to riposte by video flashs to stop doing this).

Candlemass Intro

It was already dark and the stage put into an eerily beautiful blood red light when Candlemass began with an absolutely impressive performance.

Edguy Intro

Whilst I shortly changed my clothes to get across the cold evening Edguy had already started on the True Metal Stage. That was why I had to stand some more at the outside of the crowd what is also reflected in not so perfect looking pictures.

Stratovarius Intro

The multi national group Stratovarious heavily rocked the Party Stage. With old hits like "Hunting High And Low" as well as "Eagleheart" but also some newer pieces like "Deep Unknown" or "Forever Today" Timo Kotipelto and his guys knew to enthuse.

W.A.S.P. Intro

A gig during which you felt put back into the 80s: lots of leather and saw blades on the arms. That it was after W.A.S.P. entered the stage but that does not necessarily mean that it was bad, on the contrary.

Delain Intro

Already two times I had seen Delain live and both times they were not really bad but on CD way better. Especially front woman Charlotte Wessels provided quite bad performances in the past but also the other band members remained quite pale on stage.

Overkill Intro

The American trash metaller of Overkill were the first act during which I went back into the quite heavily burning sun in front of the True Metal Stage and I did not get disappointed.

Crucified Barbara Intro

After it started quite well with Degradead I did not really know what I should expect of the four upcoming Swedish girls.

Degradead Intro

As the sun was already burning directly in the ealry morning and I still had a slight sunburn of the day before I decided to start the day at the tent with the WET Stage. There Degradead was my opener of the day.

Atrocity Intro

To their 25th stage jubilee the band Atrocity had opened their chest with old treasures once more widely and also the eye was spoiled with a great show on stage.