Crucified Barbara Article

07.08.2010 Crucified Barbara

Wacken Open Air XXI

Wacken (Germany)

(Panasonic DMC-TZ7)

After it started quite well with Degradead I did not really know what I should expect of the four upcoming Swedish girls.
That were not only something optically but also heavily blowing up in ones face with metal being really straight forward. So it did not take long time until everybody in front of the stage was moving. With great songs like "Sex Action" or "In Distortion We Trust" they made all really sweat and it got quite obvious where the name WET Stage was derived from.
So that was already a perfect opening of the day and it could continue like this in my opinion.


  • Killer On His Knees
  • Play Me Hard
  • Sex Action
  • Creatures
  • Blackened Bones
  • Losing The Game
  • In Distortion We Trust